FirstLight Vim Inc.

first light

1. n. the time when light first appears in the morning; dawn


1. n. power, energy, force, spirit, activity, vigor

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We kickstart and build new businesses from the ground up.


We grow businesses through carefully crafted strategies and growth hacking.


We invest in new mobile, web and ecommerce business.

Advising & Mentoring

We help entrepreneurs and executives achieve more.


We create new success stories mixing old and new from different industries into new winning combinations. We believe in constant learning and iteration.

We build new ecommerce and software businesses.

We advise, mentor and consult startups, entrepreneurs, business owners and executives especially in the following areas:

• Business model development, messaging and positioning
• Business and customer development, creating strategic partnerships and getting deals done
• Marketing and branding strategy for industry thought leadership (and world domination…)
• Creating automated inbound leads system with social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, blogging and email marketing.
• Product launch planning and marketing materials, copywriting
• Personal productivity and time management, outsourcing

Our credit rating is AA.

“Success is the uncommon application of common knowledge.” —Ivan Misner


“Ordinary things done systematically lead to extraordinary results.” —Keith Cunningham